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Ciudad Vieja

Ciudad Vieja

1 Pound

Certified Single-Origin


Certified Single-Origin


About the Bean:

A perfect medium roast, offering a well balanced body in the cup with fruity and floral flavors. It's a versatile coffee that can be used as an espresso, french press, or make a perfect pour over. All of our coffee's are of a premium grade and directly sourced from partner cooperatives and imported through the help of De La Gente, a Guatemala based non-profit. 


About the Cooperative:

This coffee is grown and cultivated by the Coffee Growers of San Miguel Escobar, a 16 member cooperative. Each individual member owns, grows, and cultivates their coffee along the slopes of Volcan de Agua, An extinct volcano, named after the historic mudflow that caused massive destruction in Antigua in the mid-1500's. Coffee's are grown at altitudes for 1,300m and higher.


Ciudad Vieja (Old City or Town) is a municipality in Guatemala that encompasses several small towns. The most prominently known being Antigua, the old capital city. Ciudad Vieja has the same charm as it's name; old colonial buildings with cobble stone paved roads. Geographically, Ciudad Vieja is surrounded by 3 majestic Volcanos: Fuego (Active and erupting),  Acatenango, and it's closest Volcano with some towns nestled in it's foothills, Volcan de Agua. These volcanos and the subsequent altitude lend to a perfect microclimate for growing Arabica varietals with adequate rain, elavation and cool tempatures. It's a city with a charm, and sight that is beholden to the majesty of mother nature.

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