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Orgullosamente Chapin

In my family, coffee is more than a drink. It's culture. It's an absolute requirement at every birthday party and gathering. "Cafecito con el pastel." I grew up in a blended culture from my parents Central American roots, and growing up in the United States

It all comes down to I really, and I mean REALLY, enjoy coffee. I enjoy the feeling of sitting down with a cup at any time. I enjoy coffee so much, my husband (even though he used to dislike it). Now he's my partner in this project.

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Image by Mathijs Beks


El pais de la eterna primavera

Buenas! Cafe Cultura was born to share the significance that coffee plays, not only to guatemalans and latin americans in general, but to everyone. The name means exactly what it says. Coffee is a culture. It's versatile.

Coffee is whatever feelings it evokes in you. A memory, a state of mind, or a pick me up. So what if we could bring that state of mind to you in the freshest way possible? We're here to serve.

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Una tacita mas

Coffee is more than a drink, or a bean, or a cherry. in Guatemala Coffee is culture. It's a pinnacle part of life. It is how you welcome guests, grieve, or simply bond. We roast small batch, and take pride in quality.

All of our beans are harvested and imported from Guatemala, and we are striving to source our coffee sustainably. 

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