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Meet the Roaster

Buenas! my name is Katherine Gonzalez, and I am a proud Chapina. As the daughter of Guatemalan immigrants, my upbringing was always closely rooted in my Central American culture, traditions, and cuisine. There is an awestruck beauty an majesty in Central America, something that is often overlooked, being a country only slightly larger than the state of Kentucky.  My goal as owner, roaster, and barista for Cafe Cultura is to share that beauty and majesty. Latin America is so incredibly diverse, and I'm so excited to share a little piece of my country with you!


In most Latin American countires, coffee is a daily ritual. It's the equivalent of sipping a glass of wine. It's an ever present, ever important aspect. It represents community, hard-work, for many, a means of income. It's more than just a caffeine dose, it signifies bonding over an afternoon cup with some pan dulce. It's conversation with family, or simply a daily ritual to share.


With coffee grown in 204 out of 340 municipalities(AnaCafé). It represents a large portion of the Guatemalan economy, along with sugar, bananas, and Cardamom. So it makes sense that coffee carries such an important connection to Guatemalan culture.


If you look outside of  commercial plantations, a majority of Guatemalan coffee's come from family-owned farms. That means that family members will learn to grow, nurture, and cultivate their own crops. So even outside of the final coffee beverage, coffee growth and cultivation carries a heavy familial influence, with many lands, knowledge, and practices passed down generations.

Bienvenidos a Café Cultura!

We are a coffee roaster committed to the transparency and education surrounding coffee. There is a story behind every cup and and every roasted bean. We're here to share those stories and traditional Latin American roots.

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