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  • Huehuetenango - Organic

Huehuetenango - Organic


Certified Single-Origin

Certified Organic


About the Bean:

A medium roast coffee. Hints of brown sugar and chocolate. Make it cold brew, pour over or French press, this is a versatile blend that will make a rich satisfying cup all day, everyday! This particular lot was grown and processed by an all-women's coffee cooperative in the Huehuetenango (wehweh-tehnango) Highland region in Guatemala. One of the highest growing regions.



About the Cooperative:

Associacion Union de Pequenos Caficultores (UPC) is a cooperative made up of small independtly owned farms, most of which are family owned and operated by predominately indigenous descendants. Coffee is the primary, and in most cases, the only income producing crop from the region. This coffee is Certified Single-Origin and Certified Organic.


We strive to source our coffee from sustainable sources, that will provide economic opportunity to caficultores around Guatemala.

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